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  WMB Wholesale Merchandise Business has a vast inventory of items. We stock gifts, general merchandise, collectibles, toys, you name it!  Sub-Wholesalers and Qualified Vendors take advantage of our Below Wholesale Prices. We provide merchandise to gift shops, flea market vendors, retail outlets, service stations, convenience stores, kiosks, internet marketers, mail order businesses, and more. With our abundant warehouse inventory imagine the flexibility of your sales arsenal, thousands of profit making items at your fingertips. Stock your shelves with our merchandise and start earning your profit today!

Qualified Vendors
- Already in business? If you have a business or tax identification number you are a qualified vendor. Utilize our merchandise to your advantage! New Vendors simply fill out our Qualified Vendor request form,  once approved, we will send your wholesale price list.

Entrepreneurs & Sales Reps -  Avon, Christmas Around the World, Candlelight, Tupperware, Mary Kay, and alike. We offer you a business opportunity as well. Purchase a Sub Wholesale Package and add thousands of items to your repertoire. Simply take orders using the supplied materials, place orders with us, pay your sub wholesale cost on the merchandise and pocket the profit on the spot! Our business offer is simple. Utilize the marketing tools included to jump start your business. Show your brochures and merchandise to family, friends and coworkers and these great items sell themselves. Think of it,  you literally have thousands of profit making items at your finger tips. In no time at all you will be earning a nice profit for the merchandise you sell! Our Sub Wholesale Packages enable you to utilize the following marketing strategies...
  • Home Parties
  • Catalog Distribution
  • Flea Market & Bazaars
  • Internet Marketing
  • Fund Raising
  • Mail Order
  • Display Merchandising
  • Gift Boxes or Baskets

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